Eagles Nest Outfitters


In the summer of 1999, brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster decided to step out on a limb, leaving the traditional workplace behind to make hanging out a full time occupation.

But everybody's gotta work right?

The brothers wanted something that would not only challenge them but would also be laid back, allowing them to live their lives in no particular way but their own. Starting with a sewing machine and a vision, they began sewing hammocks and slap straps in their sister's garage.

The plan was to travel the East Coast in a seen-better-days mini van, vending at music festivals and community gatherings along the way. Making their van a home, they lived out of it wherever it was parked and dedicated all available energy and resources to making and selling the most comfortable hammocks in the world.

The response was beyond their expectations and soon the boys found themselves with more business than they could handle. While vending at festivals along the Appalachian trail, a familiar face suggested Asheville, NC as a home base. It wasn't long before the brothers established themselves high up on the Blue Ridge Mountains where they continued to set forth the building blocks to what is now a strong, thriving company that to this day continues to supply hammocks and accessories to like-minded people all over the world.

 Seaview Outfitters carries a full line of ENO hammocks, hanging systems, hammock accessories, and more.