About Us

 How It All Got Started~   Several summers back Steve Thomas and his younger brothers Jack and Charlie all made decisions to make the trek up to Hope, Alaska and spend the summer working for their "Auntie Renna" at her restaurant and bar. They went from the comfort of TV, on-demand internet, and running water to a much more simple life- one electrical outlet, no running water, and fire generated heat- however that was the birthplace of an idea. Boy, they didn't have a clue as to how it would change their lives. 

One summer in Alaska turned into two and then three and Wham, a vision was born. Their experiences at the Seaview Cafe & Bar and in Hope turned out to be the most inspiring times they had ever experienced. Small business, customer interactions and passion. One night around the campfire they said "Why can't we do this?" During the following Fall and Winter, the idea that was born, grew into a concept, then a business plan, then a project, then matured into the Seaview Outfitters. 

Combining all of the inspiration instilled in them by Renna, the passion for the outdoors and the flavor of Alaska, we now have three thriving Seaview Outfitters locations. The flagship store is in Oxford, Ohio (Miami University), with the two others residing in Bloomington, Indiana (Indiana University) and Lexington, Kentucky (University of Kentucky). Come take a stroll through one of the shops and hear some of the stories that inspired it all.

Dream no little dreams.