Seaview Employee Style Spotlight: Avery Postema

Avery Postema

I love my Eno hammock! It's so easy to pack up and take out and hang up just about anywhere! It's great for camping or just taking out for a day trip. Gone are the days of using tents when I camp. With my Eno, I no longer have to worry about carrying around a heavy tent in my pack, let alone having to worry about setting it up!

Avery enjoying her Eno hammock on a Bloomington fall day, with enough space to comfortably fit two people!

Eno hammocks come in three different sizes: single, double and double deluxe. In addition, Eno also offers a variety of straps sizes to hang up hammocks: Slapstrap, Slapstrap Pro, and Atlas. Each strap holds the same amount of weight (around 400 pounds), however the main difference is the amount of loops built in, with the Slapstrap offering the least amount, to the Atlas straps offering the most. These loops allow the user to hang anything off the straps, from water bottles or lightning, with the help of carabiners! 

For me, the double nest is perfect to hang in alone, or to share with a friend. Another thing I love about my Eno hammock are the variety of colors available, they truly have a color for everyone's taste! And so many great accessories to choose from as well!

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