Seaview Employee Style Spotlight: Stewart Lindsey

Stewart Lindsey

Through my many fishing adventures from Kentucky Lake to the Monroe Reservoir here in Bloomington, and the many back woods lakes, ponds and streams, I have found that only one shirt makes the trip almost every time.  My Columbia PFG Bahama II Long Sleeve.
It has been there to catch my limit, or to go home skunked. I've never found a shirt that kept the sun off my shoulders, and was vented enough to keep me cool through out the 90+ degree summer heat.
It's many pockets have held everything from spare hooks and sinkers to pliers or other essential fishing tools. The sleeve have probably never been rolled down, but thats my personal preference. During those extremely high UV days, I have flipped the collar all the way out (which is two folds) to get that extra protection.
Unlike many fishing shirts that can be some-what restricting when making a long cast, the Bahama II has never been restricting due to its particular design to allow for such movement when making long casts.



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