Seaview Employee Style Spotlight: Josh Ubbes

Josh Ubbes
I’ve had my GoPro for about a year now and it is one of the most rewarding

purchases I have ever made.  In January 2015 I went on a 20-day trip to Fiji in the

South Pacific and used my GoPro to create a montage style reflection video of my


The GoPro is incredibly convenient to use, and it came in especially

handy in water situations, which I was not short of in the South Pacific.  Its small

compact size with the waterproof case allowed me to snorkel and dive in the coral

reefs while recording everything I saw.  I was able to pull HD stills off of the videos I

took as well, which made it easy for me.  Not having to switch constantly between

1080P video and 12MP stills means less time fiddling with my equipment and more

time living in the moment.  The GoPro’s wide lens is great for ensuring I don’t leave

anything out of the shot and gives the videos that sporty fish-eye look.  It also has a

time-lapse feature, which is amazing for shots of sunrises, sunsets, ocean tides or

passing clouds.  I also went on a wakeboarding trip over Memorial weekend in May

2015, which gave me another great reason to bring out the GoPro.  I made another

long video of my time there, which I definitely could not have made with any DSR or

bulky video camera.  And did I mention I can use the GoPro underwater?  There’s no

product like it on the market, and you wont find me on an adventure without it.

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